Ekonomia społeczna nie zmusza do wyboru między wolnością a solidarnością. W istocie wskazuje na to, że prawdziwa solidarność bierze się właśnie z wolności, i jako taka nie da się zadekretować.
Manifest Ekonomii Społecznej

Quality of life on local level. An indicators-based study
Rok wydania: 2008
The following text was written as part of the project “Searching for a Polish model of the social economy”, realized with funding from the EQUAL Initiative of the European Social Fund.

"The publication with which we are now presenting you is to meet two prime objectives. The first objective is to imbue the concept of quality of life with extra substantive weight, based on solid indicator-based analyses. the second objective was to develop a tool useful in research and practice, addressing the needs of practitioners designing and carrying out studies on quality of life in Polish local communes and districts".

Anna Darska,
Head of UNDP Office in Poland
"True development can be ensured only when the persons taking decisions do not lose sight of the paramount objective, namely the high quality of life of inhabitants, and decisions are taken on the basis of analysed facts. In practice, the question arises: how can these requirements be met?

In this situation, an indicator-based analysis can come to the rescue. Thanks to such analysis it is possible to objectively asses the development status of a commune or district, identify the weak and strong points, compare the level of development against other local entities of similar size and character (rural, rural-urban, urban communes), fine-tune the development efforts using benchmarking and monitor the changes as they take root in the local community".

Kamil Wyszkowski
Projects Development Coordinator, UNDP in Poland