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Report: Social Economy Map
aktualizacja: 09.03.2009
Map of EU and national social economy institutions and organisations, DIESIS, Brussels 2008

Few words from Foreword

This study has been realised by DIESIS between February and April 2008 in the framework of the Equal project “PROMES – Promotion of Social Economy”. It has been commissioned by FISE (Foundation for Social and Economic Initaitives) in order to understand the panorama of the social economy in Europe and to acquire information and contacts with the main social economy actors at European and national level.

The first part of the study (Section 1) describes how European institutions deal with the social economy and the bodies and groups that have been set up in the last decades to favour this relationship.

The second part (Section 2) of the study examines a large number of European networks and organisations representing the social economy or dealing with it. A major distinction has been made between organisations whose main topic is the social economy and networks active in other fields but having an interest in promoting and supporting the social economy.

Section 3 of the study examines the situation in some European countries. The countries selected are those where social economy is more active and developed and, as a consequence, is represented and supported by various and well organised umbrella organisations and networks.

The concept of social economy has been interpreted in a broad sense, since in many countries different definitions are more common (third sector, non profit sector, etc.). Each national chapter starts with a definition of the more used concepts and their meanings in the national contexts. A specific attention has been paid to the phenomenon of social enterprises. (...)


Table of content

Report: Map of EU and national social economy institutions and organisations



This report was published as part of the project ‘PROMES - Promotion of Social Economy’ realized with funding from the European Social Fund EQUAL Initiative.