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Report: Public Procurement
aktualizacja: 09.03.2009
The Social Economy, Public Procurement and Public-Social Partnership in Europe, Francesco De Rosa, DIESIS/FISE, Brussels/Warsaw 2008

Few words from Introducion

Sustainable development should become the main objective in all sectors and policies, and all proposals should be evaluated not only according to their economic impact, but also according to their environmental and social aspects. In particular, (...) public procurement policies can make an important contribution to the realisation of sustainable development by speeding up the diffusion of new and safer technologies, promoting the development of environmentally friendly services and products, and ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens.

This is a new way of thinking that sees public procurement as one of the most important elements of the single market. Public procurement has now acquired some of the strategic elements of the single market, such as the free movement of goods, people and services.

Francesco De Rosa, DIESIS

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Report: The Social Economy, Public Procurement and Public-Social Partnership in Europe


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This report was published as part of the project ‘PROMES - Promotion of Social Economy’ realized with funding from the European Social Fund EQUAL Initiative.