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e-book: P. Frączak, J. J. Wygnański (eds)
aktualizacja: 10.03.2009
The Polish Model of the Social Economy: Recommendations for Growth. An invitation for a discussion, Piotr Frączak, Jan Jakub Wygnański (eds), FISE, Warsaw, 2008

From "The most important thing, or: recommendations in brief"

(...) This document is a summary of many works and discussions concerning the social economy conducted in Poland for more than three years. The Partnership ‘In Search of a Polish Model for the Social Economy’ is responsible for its formulation. The process of developing this document required much time and effort, but we hope that ultimately we have managed to propose interesting solutions. We would like to present these proposals to the broadest possible constituency both of social economy institutions and individuals and institutions who have an influence on the conditions under which the social economy functions. We hope that many social economy institutions treat this document as their own. We particularly hope that it will be viewed in this way by the Standing Conference on the Social Economy (SKES), which acts as a common platform for understanding between various communities involved in the development of the social economy in Poland. It is the SKES in particular that, we believe, should serve as an especially important element of the efforts to realise the recommendations formulated here. Among the most important audiences for this document are the public authorities (the Polish Parliament and the Government). We believe that the social economy in Poland deserves a specially prepared horizontal strategy for its development. The plan to create such a strategy is included in the Strategy for Civil Society Development (SRSO). Now it should undergo significant development so that in the course of the next few months a coherent action plan is created for growth of the social economy in Poland. The document presented here provides, we believe, a solid foundation to prepare that strategy. Other countries that have such a strategy in place (or under development) include England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Sweden. Compared to other European Union countries (particularly those who have joined the EU recently), Poland has made significant strides in the area of the social economy. If we follow that path, we can make the social economy into a recognisable Polish ‘speciality’. (...)

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e-book: The Polish Model of the Social Economy: Recommendations for Growth. An invitation for a discussion


Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives

The following text was written as part of the project “Searching for a Polish model of the social economy”, realized with funding from the EQUAL Initiative of the European Social Fund.